Africa: Angola to demolish former national stadium

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Africa: Angola to demolish former national stadium Less than three decades of service, but quite some history. Unfortunately not much longer – giant Estadio da Cidadela will have to be demolished. Analysts indicate its structure’s lifespan is nearly over, as Angola Press informs. Thankfully, there’s a new venue to take over.


Estadio da Cidadela stands in the heart of 5-million Luanda metropolis since 1985, when it was rebuilt after its predecessor. Double-tiered stands designed to hold some 65,000 people to this day haven’t all been equipped with individual seats, but this didn’t stop it from being Angola’s most important stadium for years.

Recently the prestige has been decreasing along with dilapidating structure. In 2006 CAF decided that cracks on supports of upper tier stands threaten safety. Half of the ground is since then closed to public. Lower half on the other hand gets frequent use from numerous football clubs, athletes, musicians and local Catholics, as can be seen below.

Recent analysis indicates not only the upper tier, but the whole ground will eventually be demolished due to its condition. Results presented by deputy minister of sports Albino da Conceição show that it’s a matter of time and means, but demolition itself seems inevitable.

However since late 2009 Angola and Luanda itself are in a much more comfortable situation as new national stadium is already in place, built with help of the Chinese in the capital’s suburbs. Estadio 11 de Novembro seats 50,000 people, all on seats and all under cover, not mentioning extensive parking facilities its predecessor lacks.