Warsaw: National Stadium to change name before Euro 2012 ends?

source: WP.pl / TOK FM; author: michał

Warsaw: National Stadium to change name before Euro 2012 ends? Poland’s largest stadium should bear the name of Poland greatest coach – claims Ireneusz Raś, head of Sports Commission. Giving Kazimierz Górski patronage should be voted on tomorrow.


The idea itself isn’t new and was raised several times during construction process. Investor, governmental company NCS, didn’t choose to give anyone patronage. First official proposal to make Kazimierz Górski the patron of Stadion Narodowy was announced in Feb 2012 by Kazimierz Górski Foundation, led by former Polish president Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

To date nothing has been decided, but this may change tomorrow as Ireneusz Raś, head of Sports Commission intends to run a vote on this issue. Thursday’s meeting should, according to Raś, bring an unanimous decision agreeing Górski deserves being honored in such way.

If his vision comes true, new name – most probably Stadion Narodowy w Warszawie im. Kazimierza Górskiego (or Kazimierz Górski Warsaw National Stadium) – may become official before Euro 2012 ends on July 1st.

Kazimierz Górski was the greatest football coach Poland ever had. During his work Polish national team won gold during 1972 Olympics, silver in 1974 World Cup and another silver in 1976 Olympics. Before he passed away in 2006, several stadiums in Poland were given his patronage, most notably Kazimierz Górski Stadium in Płock and Kazimierz Górski’s Golden 11 Stadium in Konin.