Warsaw: Largest game of that kind

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Warsaw: Largest game of that kind Euros have already been played at stadiums with roof covering the pitch. But never before was the attendance as high as in Warsaw’s opening game of Euro 2012. Crowd yesterday stood at 56,826 people.


The history of top tournament games played under closed roof is a very short one. In fact, although there were three venues able to use that feature, only two of them were indeed closed for any game of Euros. First was Amsterdam ArenA (Arnhem's GelreDome wasn't closed).

Warsaw’s Stadion Narodowy is the second and biggest one to date. Though UEFA claim that capacity for the tournament fell to 50,000 people, they also announced opening game attendance at 56,826, thus also announcing Narodowy to be the biggest stadium used with its retractable roof for a tournament like this.

Stadion Narodowy

What’s more, there seems to be no larger arena to beat Friday’s “covered attendance record” in the next few years. The only one in France’s Euro 2016 will be the one in Lille – too small venue to get more people inside. Same goes for Euro 2020, with confirmed bidders being Turkey, Ireland/Scotland/Wales and Armenia/Georgia. Of those only Millennium Stadium in Cardiff may exceed Warsaw's crowd if closed. Of all new stadiums built or planned in Europe at that time only Saint Petersburg’s Gazprom Arena can beat Narodowy's score, to be used in 2018 World Cup. That is, of course, if FIFA find closing the roof a good idea.

Interestingly, if we include World Cup games in search for a record, only one venue has seen more people under a roof, though not retractable, but permanent one. It's the Pontiac Silverdome in USA, opening arena of World Cup 1994. Below are top tournament attendances under completely closed roofs, fixed or retractable.  


Pontiac Silverdome

Brazil - Sweden, Group B, WC 1994 77,217

Stadion Narodowy

Poland – Greece, group A, Euro 2012 56,826

Veltins Arena

England – Portugal, quarterfinal, WC 2006  52,000

Amsterdam ArenA

Turkey – Portugal, quarterfinal, Euro 2000  45,000
Sapporo Dome Argentina – England, group F,  WC 2002   35,927