Wales: Cardiff City Stadium to expand, though just opened

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Wales: Cardiff City Stadium to expand, though just opened New stadium in Cardiff was opened just 3 years ago, but is already awaiting expansion as new Malaysian owner of the club intends to make them a Welsh powerhouse in the Premier League – BBC reports.


Cardiff City FC takeover has become known worldwide due to Tan Sri Vincent Tan, the Malaysian buyer, intending to change club crest and colours. Conversion from Bluebirds to Red Dragons raised much ontroversy but will still be carried out.

The bright side is that a club on the brink of bankruptcy may become a new Welsh powerhouse in the Permier League within just a few years. They've been failing to win promotion despite advancing to the play-offs two times in a row and now fortunes are to change. Along with Tan comes a £100m injection to get the club out of debt and develop in all aspects.

In this amount £10m is to cover a new training centre, while further £12 will allow the stadium expansion to some 35,000. Interestingly, the Cardiff City Stadium was built just 3 years ago and avarage attendance doesn't come close to maximum capacity so far (22,100 per game with almost 27,000 seats). Yet it is expected that a promotion to Premier League will boost the figures just as it did to Swansea City, currently only Welsh side in the top tier.

New Cardiff stadium was designed by Arup in a way to allow expansion by adding an extra tier on each side without removing the roof.