Sweden: Euro 2024 for Scandinavia?

source: sverigesradio.se; author: michał

Sweden: Euro 2024 for Scandinavia? So far only an early idea by the Swedish football association, but they are to examine chances to host the tournament with one or two of their neighbors. According to Karl-Erik Nilsson, Poland and Ukraine are a great example that not only major countries can cope with the challenge.


In an interview for Sveriges Radio Karl-Erik Nilsson, head of the SVFF, declared the will to bid for European Championships in the future.

Further analysis needs to be carried out to establish whether a two- or three-country bid from the Scandinavia would be best. It is understood that both Denmark and Norway are possible partners.

According to Nilsson smaller countries should also have a chance to host the Euro and increasing the number of participants from 16 to 24 may also promote bids from not only two, but even three countries. Despite growing, Euro still needs relatively low number of host stadiums (9 instead of 8) and this seems to be viable for Sweden and its neighbors not only for the tournament, but in the long term as well.

SVFF president estimates Euro 2024 is the earliest bid to launch (Euro 2020 procedure is starting soon with three bids already confirmed). Nilsson claims that Poland and Ukraine show that it may be a great success in terms of organization and logistics and brings more benefits than just 90 minutes of football games.

Sweden was the host of Euro 1992 (last one with 8 teams) and prepared a joint bid with Norway for the 2016 tournament. However both countries had to withdraw after not having received governmental aid.

Currently in Sweden two stadiums capable of holding the tournament are being built (Friends Arena and Tele2 Arena) with several more being possibly available after redevelopments.