Poland: Euro 2012 ends, but work at Warsaw’s stadium goes on

source: GazetaPrawna.pl; author: michał

Poland: Euro 2012 ends, but work at Warsaw’s stadium goes on Officially finished, officially opened, officially operational. Unofficially work goes on installations inside National Stadium in Warsaw. When “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” journalists found out, the operator of the ground pretended nothing is happening. But something is, apparently.


Warsaw’s Stadion Narodowy is Euro 2012’s centerpiece, at least on the Polish side. But it also is subject to the biggest conflict between contractors and public investors.

Let us just recall that general contractor announced bankruptcy recently and claim this construction killed them. Then National Sports Centre (NCS, the investor and operator) started demanding a massive 300m zloty ($90m) compensation for failing to meet deadlines.

But how is a contractor able to meet any deadline when investors make over 16,000 alterations into the initial project documentation? And ironically, it came out today that work is still being ordered. A week after Euro 2012 opening another change – this time in ventilation – was demanded. Now holes are being drilled in the concrete structure.

When approached by “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” about the case, NCS head of communications Daria Kulińska denied any work is ongoing. It wasn’t until the 3rd approach that she admitted this is indeed the case.

Most sources speculate the scandal around Stadion Narodowy will break out again right after Euro 2012 ends in Poland. Last match in Warsaw is scheduled for tomorrow (semifinal between Germany and Italy).