Paris: Mayor and PSG agree – Parc des Princes to be revamped

source:; author: michał

Paris: Mayor and PSG agree – Parc des Princes to be revamped No option of moving to another venue is on the table. Parc des Princes will change a lot, but alterations are to come in two phases. First before Euro 2016, second one afterwards – the club informs.


Joint statement by PSG and Paris Mayor’s Office informs both sides are determined to redevelop Parc des Princes and do so without harming chances to host Euro 2016. This is why the stadium will change in two phases. First one will include, as written by the club:

  • areas dedicated to players,
  • spectator comfort via improved services,
  • access and facilities for handicapped and disabled visitors,
  • access and working facilities for the media,
  • the concrete structure of the Parc des Princes with necessary treatments to ensure the longevity of the stadium,
  • the viability of the Parc des Princes, featuring better water resistance and draining and a new sound and speaker system and infrastructure. 

This is to allow for great Euro 2016 host venue standard. Following this decision, Vinci Concession, Colony Capital and Paris Saint-Germain are already hard at work in conjunction with the City of Paris to define the exact nature of this work.

The part everyone seems more interested in seems to be the second one. This is where improving and enlarging spectator capacity is planned and services provided for spectators and visitors to the stadium, inspired by the best international stadia. It is yet to be known what capacity Parc des Princes will have afterwards.