New stadiums: Naval and Freamunde

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New stadiums: Naval and Freamunde Since Portugal won against Czech Republic tonight, we invite you to Figueira da Foz and 10 times smaller Freamunde. Difference between local stadiums isn’t equally big, even if Naval play in top tier, while Freamunde struggle one level lower.


Estádio Municipal José Bento Pessoa

The ground was opened back in 1953 as the largest multi-use stadium of the town of Figueira da Foz. Initially it had a tarmac athletics track around the field of play, but this was removed during use. Plans to bring in fresh tartan track failed and so far it remains football-only, though still not football specific. And to add to that – it’s slowly dilapidating despite installment of seats in all sections.

To make things even worse, a fire consumed the club building in 1997, destroying not only offices and equipment, but also historical document like the centenary-old act of establishing the club. The municipality owns the venue, but Naval manage it since they moved back in recent years.

Complexo Desportivo do Sport Clube de Freamunde

Small town of Freamunde has a stadium that nearly equals its population. Built in 1990 it’s quite new and the central grandstand with seating and cover is its most impressive part. It also provides necessary space underneath to allow players and officials to run a club here. Opposite the main stand is a modest terrace, mostly unused as demand isn’t that high. No stands behind goals were built so far.