New stadium: Once great venue in Nantes

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New stadium: Once great venue in Nantes To celebrate France's victory over Ukraine we publish a fresh presentation of Stade Marcel-Saupin, previous stadium of FC Nantes. Since the team left it wasn't used so much. Thus the city decided to change stands into offices and parking spaces.


Built in 1937, the stadium was primarily intended for rugby. However after WWII Nantes FC became the major tenant and has remained here for nearly four decades, before eventually moving to Stade de la Beaujoire.

In 1957 first game with floodlights was played here and stands could hold some 14,000 people, of whom 2,000 seated. Next decade brought an increase to 25,000 and 1970's to 29,500. This proved to be the maximum size due to plot constraints – river Loire from two sides and neighbouring buildings from the others. Thus the move seemed like the only viable option to FC Nantes while this stadium was left for the reserves.

Stade Marcel-Saupin Fot: loic4467

As there was no need for existing stands, in 2006 redevelopment started. After dismantling 3 out of 4 stands, only the north one was left with some 1,880 seats. Since 2009 offices and multi-level parkings enclose the pitch.