London: Opening ceremony idyllic and rural

source: AFP; author: michał

London: Opening ceremony idyllic and rural Meadows instead of playing field, actual farm animals and 10,000 volunteers performing – this is what we can expect on July 27th. Director Danny Boyle plans to create an idyllic countryside enchanted with Shakespeare’s poetry and Paul McCartney’s music.


London Olympics organizers LOCOG revealed first dose of information about the opening ceremony. Vast playing field of the Olympic Stadium will be converted into countryside with meadows, people resting, enjoying family picnics and playing sports. And of course with animals – LOCOG even gave a specific list: 30 sheep, 12 horses, three cows, two goats and 10 chickens, plus three sheepdogs.

Danny Boyle, director of Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionnaire” is the man behind the show. Some 10,000 volunteers have already held 157 rehearsals to bring his concept to life.

The extravaganza has been named "Isles in Wonder" after a speech from William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest". Quote from one of the characters will also be inscribed on a 27-tonne bell, Europe’s largest, that will sound during the ceremony. It reads: “Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises”.

This idyllic and somewhat magical theming is to “give Britons a picture of themselves”. At quite a price, though. Opening and closing ceremonies will cost £81m (€97m), of which the first one is estimated at £27m (€33m).

A dress rehearsal open to 80,000 people has already been announced, but date is yet to be established.