Gdansk: Pitch in perfect condition

source: PAP; author: michał

Gdansk: Pitch in perfect condition After Spanish national team gave negative comments regarding the pitch, UEFA representatives reviewed its quality. Results show grass is perfectly as required in terms of humidity, which was Spain’s main concern.


Additional UEFA visit was provoked by negative feedback regarding the pitch in Spain’s Sunday encounter against Italy. Most important parameters were humidity and height of the grass.

No irregularities were found. Humidity is in fact perfect. UEFA estimates it should be around 25-30%, while in Gdansk it stands at 27-28% - says Krzysztof Misiaczyński, spokesman for Trawnik-Producent, company behind the pitch’s relaying.

Tomorrow the playing field will receive extra treatment ahead of Spain – Ireland match. Normally mowing and watering should be done before 10:00, but in Gdansk extra mowers will be used at 11:00. No information about potential watering. Spain as hosts of the game may choose to make turf more humid, but Ireland would have to accept that.