Euro 2012: English supporters mock “coffin” threats in Donetsk

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Euro 2012: English supporters mock “coffin” threats in Donetsk Not really a stadium case, but since we already wrote about the infamous BBC report suggesting racism in Poland and Ukraine is a serious threat to people. This time it’s English supporters who reacted to these sensations in Donetsk.


This unusual happening was supposedly started by several mid-aged supporters of the English national side in Donetsk. They’ve got a wooden coffin with St. George’s cross all over it and a couple of placards saying “You’re wrong Campbell” and “We’ll do what we want”. Both these slogans were then integrated into a chant.

Sol Campbell's words not taken seriously

Initially several fans were later joined by many others as they carried their coffin to the centre of Donetsk as they awaited the last group game between England and Ukraine.

The initiative comments on BBC Panorama’s report on racism in Poland and Ukraine which led Sol Campbell to say Stay at home, watch it on TV. Don't even risk it... because you could end up coming back in a coffin.

Black England fan Pete Harper, 32, from Sheffield, said: Campbell’s remarks were ludicrous. I’ve had a wonderful reception from the Ukrainian people.

This material caused an outrage in Poland and Ukraine as the problem exists, but is being fought with and huge development has been made – a thing the BBC ignored despite being given proof.