Warsaw: Here comes the Euro 2012 pitch

source: StadionNarodowy.org.pl; author: michał

Warsaw: Here comes the Euro 2012 pitch Last parts of the pitch were laid inside Warsaw’s National Stadium on Saturday. Now grass needs a week to gain strength and will be ready for June’s 7th training sessions that will precede Euro 2012 opening game the following day.


As required by UEFA during Michel Platini’s last visit to Poland, all pitch surfaces of Polish host venues were changed before Euro 2012. Last one to be ready is the one in Warsaw’s Stadion Narodowy or – in English – National Stadium.

Works on this element started on May 15th and new grass was rolled onto existing basis on Saturday. From now on company on the job, Zielona Architektura, will cater for grass quality until early July when Euro 2012 comes to end. First week is required for the roots to grow strong. By the beginning of June pitch should be in perfect quality and so will it be for June 7th training sessions and June 8th opening game of the tournament.