France: Farewell to Stade Deschaseaux

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France: Farewell to Stade Deschaseaux On Friday evening sold out crowd gave farewell to 80-year old Stade Jules Deschaseaux. Flares, fireworks and pitch invasion marked the end of last matchday by Ligue 2’s Havre AC. They move to nearby Grand Stade du Havre in July.


Exactly at 6pm last Friday all Ligue 2 clubs played their last games of the season. In Havre the local HAC took on Angers and won 3:0 to mark their last game not only of this season, but also at the 80-year old Stade Jules Deschaseaux.

Thus the huge banner by local ultra group saying "Adieu Deschaseaux" accompanied by flares in the background. This last accent of the game was followed by an impressive firework display and later a brief and small pitch invasion, soon stopped by stewards as players approached supporters in the stands to celebrate.

After 8 decades at the ‘Deschaz’ both players and fans will start next season at their new ground, almost finished just 500 meters south of the current venue. First game at Grand Stade du Havre is scheduled for July 12th. This doesn’t mean, however, that the older venue will be left unused as other local sports associations may become tenants at least for the next few years. Detailed vision of future use for ‘Deschaz’ should be known by the end of June.