Euro 2012 Venue Guide just for you!

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Euro 2012 Venue Guide just for you! Not all of us have tickets, not everyone is even planning on taking the trip to Poland and Ukraine. But for those who plan we prepared some helpful tips on host-cities. For those without a plan, it's still not too late!


Just over a week until best European teams (and Poland) start fighting for glory in Euro 2012. There's still time to plan your trip if you haven't and improve it if you have. We all know both countries did what they could to prepare and all know not everything went as planned. But do you know where to find fanzones, special parking lots, designated public transportation or simply assistance during your trip?

All this and much more can be found in our Euro 2012 Venue Guide. We must state that putting in everything is literally impossible, because naming all attractions of even one host city would take a book rather than an article or series of those. So we figured naming spots worth seeing during a short 2, maybe 3-day trip should do, as we're all mostly about football here, right? Unlike other guides we also name other stadiums worth visiting in the host-cities and some of those you may find very unusual.

As some information is being released just now and pretty much all the time, we'll do our best to update our Venue Guide whenever we get new facts. If you think we missed something or our data is not valid any more, please let us know at